Bibielle’s great advantages is the ability of developing and manufacturing custom made products.

BIBIELLE FIBER company owns a unique and exclusive technology for manufacturing the highest quality PA 6.6 fiber and yarn through a water cooling process. The new fiber production site is equipped with a pilot plant focused on generating customized samples and developing self tailored custom projects. Thanks to our wide range of products that go from 15 d/tex right up to 600 d/tex, we are able to further strengthen and maximize the possibilities of satisfying our customers’ needs. Bibielle Fiber is capable to give to the product technical, physical and mechanical features that fit to each customer requirements. This is one of Bibielle’s great advantages: the ability of developing and manufacturing custom made products that comply with each and every customer’s specification.
In fact, our ambition is focused on the development of new and innovative products based on customer’s needs. Our staff is made up of highly qualified technicians dedicated to implementing innovative strategies and customer continuous technical assistance. We work as a team where respect, collaboration, confidence and passion are encouraged at all levels and we strive to obtain the best results in all we do, adding value to our environment. Our intent is that to fully commit ourselves to our customers’ success by understanding their needs and collaborate in helping them work better. Our aim is to ensure a constant extreme high level of quality in all our products and fulfill our customers expectations gaining trust and respect.