Bibielle Fiber is a young company based on an exclusive long history experience and know-how...

Bibielle Fiber is a young company based on an exclusive long history experience and know-how, development, production and marketing of an extensive range of PA 6.6 FIBER and BCF for the abrasive, non woven, filtration, flooring and transport industry.


The company specifics are:

• The choice the superior polymer of PA 6.6

• The reutilisation of the heat of the fibre and yarn created during extrusion processes.

• The water-cooling system for the BCF and fibre production processes.

• The use of the least energy consuming production systems for raw material entry.

• The dedication of the energy sources to each individual production line

• To minimize the waste factor of the production processes.

• To facilitate the unavoidable waste for recycling into granulates.

• To create products of very high quality standards which have in terms of abrasion, resilience and maintenance a long life cycle.

• The steam applied in the BIBIELLE-FIBER production process is created by recycling the heat of the fibre and yarn production process.


BIBIELLE FIBER commitments on sustainability:

• Further minimizing of the use of natural resources and develop new ways to become more environmental responsible and pro-active

• Support and contribute to develop flexible and improved, low energy use, recycling processes for yarns and fibres and carpet re-use programmes.

• Develop strategic partnerships with our raw material suppliers and customers to further minimize the total environmental impact and develop the end of lifecycle responsibility.

• Communicate on a transparent manner on all issues regarding quality and environmental impact.

• To act as a company with ethical trading principles.