Indoor, Outdoor and Sport


Polyamide 6.6 was the first and superior raw material at the introduction of artificial grass for outdoor sporting applications. In fact, it still is a top product thanks to its outstanding durability by maintaining its intrinsic properties during a long lifetime. By the unique ability and flexibility to adapt characteristics to specific demands, the evidence of the best choice, in 100% or in mix if needed, for PA 6.6 will be obvious.



• Higher fatigue resistance

• Higher heat resistance

• Higher abrasive resistance

• Higher intrinsic light and weather stability and furthermore:

• A high number of choices is available in cross section and crimp-levels to be tuned to the specific end use.


PA 6.6 2400dtx with 4 filaments = 600 dpf alligator cross section type S680

PA 6.6 2500dtx with 5 filaments =500 dpf diamond cross section type SB80

PA 6.6 3360dtx with 8 filaments =420 dpf trilobal cross section type S340

PA 6.6 5000dtx with 10 filamentd=500 dpf diamond cross section type SB40